Kamel:Jack bauer

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  • Jack: Mr. President, I need priority access to all your security codes, immediatelly.
  • Palmer: Jack, listen to me, I'll give you all the information you need when time comes.
  • Jack: NO I NEED IT NOW, my familiy's life is in danger, if you don't help me now, everyone will die, EVERYONE!
  • Palmer: Ok Jack, I trust you, I'll give you the information you need, but first I need to see some pictures of your daughter, the ones where she is naked.
  • Jack: WHAT? Why would you need these?
  • Palmer: Jack, just trust me, it's for your own safty.
  • Jack: Tell me what is this all about!
  • Palmer: The terrorists want to exchange the pictures with some pictures of their camels. Jack listen to me, I need these pictures NOW!
  • Jack: Ok, call CTU and ask Tony Almeida. He's got the pictures you need.