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Na toll! Auf die englische Seite wird verwiesen -- aber andersrum? Banane! Wenn man nicht alles selber macht... typisch Wiki...

Die tschechische Seite gibts nicht mehr. Wollt ich nur mal gesagt haben

Englisch? (See also: Kamelopedia:Technik for discussion on anti-spam techniques)[bearbeiten]

Why not start an English translation? I don't speak German.

Also, why don't you link to all your languages from the Hauptseite? --Wikipedia:User:Unforgettableid

There was an english Kamelopedia, but it wasn't that successful (mainly because of the very popular Uncyclopedia I think).
Most recent edits (before closing en.kamelopedia in November 2005) were spam.
Use googles cache to read some articles! Kamel:JeLuF still has the database, so en.kamelopedia is not completly irrecoverable. --Nachteule 09:42, 5. Feb 2006 (CET)
and we don't link to all our languages from the Hauptseite, because there are no other languages ;) --Nachteule 09:46, 5. Feb 2006 (CET)

Why not restore the English Kamelopedia but use the MediaWiki lock-database feature to prevent edits by non-admins? --Wikipedia:user:Unforgettableid

That's not a bad idea, as long as there's at least one camel (me?) who is able to lock/ unlock the database, I will ask JeLuF to reactivate a locked version of en.kamelopedia --Nachteule 23:00, 5. Feb 2006 (CET)

Cool. Could you allow edits by admins on :en and let me know when it's set up done that so I can submit a news "story" to Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/Newsroom/Suggestions and announce they're looking for admins? :-) --Wikipedia:User:Unforgettableid

I'll keep you informed. It would be nice to have some native speaking admins on en.kamelopedia. I'm quite good in reading/ understanding english, but my skills in writing/ diction are just very basic ;)
I think, we should restart with an unlocked database, though. A locked wiki would be quite inconsistent. We'll see. --Nachteule 02:57, 7. Feb 2006 (CET)

I like the unlocked idea too, but I cannot be the only one to do spam patrol. We would somehow have to get more Wikipedians or people who are already Kamelopedians to do spam patrol. Maybe we can use the CAPTCHA features already in use on http://en.wikibooks.org (I'm not sure what version of MediaWiki is required, maybe it's an extension.) When you try to add new external links to an article or when you try to create an account it makes you type in the letters in an image to verify that you are a human. --w:User:unforgettableid

I put that on the proposal. I also asked for the "SpamBlacklist-extension" so we don't need that much human, äh, camel-spam-patrol --Nachteule 17:34, 7. Feb 2006 (CET)
Wundert mich dass ihr so gut Englisch könnt bei den lausigen Englischlehrern heutzutage.And my proposal is:Learn German! 09:17, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)
Your mistake is based on your "nowadays-assumption". When I went to school in the early 1940s, we had some pretty amazing teachers. --Nachteule 09:49, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)
That must have been a long time ago..:((( 10:08, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)
Though I really wasn't that good in maths I think it's about 60 years ago ;) But as my sense of time is somehow broken, too, it might be not that long ago. In fact, I think my mother was born in 1939, so maybe I'm not that old at all ?! Whatever! Listening to my body, I feel that old, but maybe I just need some more coffee ;) --Nachteule 10:28, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)
Hey Nachteule. Don't drink too much coffee and stop listening to your body. Listen to your heart instead! Anyway...we would need more than one camel to get a hold of the spam problem.--Atreju 11:18, 8. Feb 2006 (CET) (& Greetings from Dublin)
I just checked my passport, uhm, "year of construction" says 1972 ;)
But back to topic: I'm totally aware of the spam problem (see Technik), but with a lttle help by the SpamBlacklist extension, we should be able to run en.kamelopedia with a minimum of camel power, at least it's worth a try. The major difficulty is the popularity of uncyclopedia, so there's just a minor "need" for something like a camel centric encyclopedia. --Nachteule 11:53, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)
ach, und ich wollte ihm schon zum 7O. gratulieren.LOL, bei so viel Weiß-hide. 12:12, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)
Hmm, man ist halt nicht wirklich so alt, wie man sich morgens fühlt ;) --Nachteule 12:33, 8. Feb 2006 (CET)

Wie ist der Plan jetzt? Ich wäre schon für eine englische Version, Latein oder so wäre auch lustig. Würde mich auch als Spam-Patroullie bereiterklären --Enanito 13:41, 4. Jun 2006 (CEST)

Das Begehren steht seit Februar auf des Servergottes ToDo-Liste --Nachteule 15:26, 4. Jun 2006 (CEST)